Revelation 14:19

Cast (ebalen). As in verse Matthew 16 . Gathered (etrughsen). Like eqerisqh in verse Matthew 16 , in obedience to the instructions in verse Matthew 18 (trughson). The vintage of the earth (thn ampelon th gh). "The vine of the earth." Here ampelo is used for the enemies of Christ collectively pictured. And cast it (ebalen). Repeating ebalen and referring to ampelon (vintage) just before. Into the winepress the great winepress (ei thn lhnon ton megan). Lhno is either feminine as in verse Matthew 20 ; Matthew 19:15 , or masculine sometimes in ancient Greek. Here we have both genders, a solecism frequent in the Apocalypse ( Matthew 21:14 to teico ecwn). See Matthew 21:33 . For this metaphor of God s wrath see Matthew 14:10 ; Matthew 15:1 Matthew 15:7 ; Matthew 16:1 Matthew 16:19 ; Matthew 19:15 .