Revelation 18:6

Render as she rendered (apodote w apedwken). Second aorist (effective) active imperative and first aorist (effective) active of apodidwmi, old and common verb for requital, to give back, the lex talionis which is in the O.T. ( Jeremiah 50:15 Jeremiah 50:29 ; Jeremiah 51:24 Jeremiah 51:56 ; Psalms 137:8 ), and in the N.T. also ( Matthew 7:2 ). Here the reference is to persecutions by Rome, particularly the martyrdom of the saints ( Revelation 18:24 ; Revelation 19:2 ). Double the double (diplwsate ta dipla). First aorist imperative of diplow, old verb (from diploo, double, Matthew 23:15 ), here only in N.T. Dipla is simply the neuter plural accusative (cognate) contract form for diploa (not diplw). Requite here in double measure, a full requital ( Exodus 22:4 Exodus 22:7 Exodus 22:9 ; Isaiah 40:2 ; Jeremiah 16:18 ; Jeremiah 17:18 ; Zechariah 9:12 ). The double recompense was according to the Levitical law. Which she mingled (wi ekerasen). First aorist active indicative of kerannumi. The relative wi is attracted to the locative case of its antecedent pothriwi (cup), for which see Zechariah 14:8 Zechariah 14:10 ; Zechariah 17:4 ; Zechariah 18:3 . Mingle unto her double (kerasate auth diploun). First aorist active imperative of the same verb kerannumi, with the same idea of double punishment.