Revelation 19:14

The armies which are in heaven (ta strateumata ta en twi ouranwi). See Hebrews 12:7 for Michael and angels warring with the dragon, and also Matthew 26:53 for the angels at Christ's call, not to say Hebrews 1:6 Hebrews 1:14 ; Matthew 13:41 ; Revelation 5:11 . Followed (hkolouqei). Imperfect active and singular (strateumata, neuter plural) of akolouqew, graphic picture of the celestial Warrior with his angelic hosts "upon white horses" (ep ippoi leukoi) like the Leader and, like him "clothed in fine linen white and pure" (endedumenoi bussinon leukon kaqaron) like the Leader again ( Revelation 19:8 ). Note endedumenoi here as in Revelation 1:13 ; Revelation 15:6 .