Revelation 19:15

A sharp sword (rompaia oxeia). As in Revelation 1:16 ; Revelation 2:12 Revelation 2:15 . That he should smite (ina pataxh). Purpose clause with ina and the first aorist active subjunctive of patassw, old verb already in Revelation 11:6 and like Isaiah 11:4 , a figure here for forensic and judicial condemnation. And he shall rule them (kai auto poimanei). Emphatic use of auto twice (he himself). Future active of poimainw, to shepherd as in Isaiah 2:27 ; Isaiah 12:5 "with a rod of iron" (en rabdwi sidhrai) as there. See 1 Peter 2:25 ; Hebrews 13:20 for Christ as Shepherd. And he treadeth (kai auto patei). Change to present tense of patew, to tread (here transitive), with solemn repetition of kai auto. The winepress of the fierceness of the wrath of Almighty God (thn lhnon tou oinou tou qumou th orgh tou qeou tou pantokratoro). Literally, "the winepress of the wine of the wrath of the anger of God the Almighty" (four genitives dependent on one another and on lhnon). These images are here combined from Hebrews 14:8 Hebrews 14:10 Hebrews 14:19 ; Hebrews 16:19 . The fact is already in Hebrews 19:13 after Isaiah 63:1 .