Revelation 19:3

A second time (deuteron). Adverbial accusative, a heavenly encore. They say (eirhkan). Perfect active indicative of eipon. "They have said," not an "aoristic" perfect for "they say," but vivid dramatic perfect as in Revelation 5:7 and the form in -an instead of -asin as in Revelation 18:3 ; Revelation 21:6 . Goeth up (anabainei). Linear present active indicative of anabainw, "keeps on going up," "a last touch to the description already given ( Revelation 18:21 ) of Babylon's utter collapse" (Swete). The smoke of the city's ruin ( Revelation 14:11 ; Revelation 18:8 Revelation 18:18 ) instead of incense ( Revelation 8:4 ). Cf. Isaiah 34:9 .