Revelation 19:2

For (oti). Because. The reason for God's judgments is given in Revelation 15:3 ; Revelation 16:7 . The doom of Babylon seen in Revelation 14:7 is now realized. For (oti). Second use of oti, explaining the first. He hath judged (ekrinen). First aorist (prophetic and climacteric, effective) active indicative of krinw. Which (hti). The very one which. Did corrupt (epqeiren). This is the terrible fact. First aorist active indicative of pqeirw. Cf. Revelation 11:18 ; Revelation 14:8 ; Revelation 17:2 ; Revelation 18:3 . And he hath avenged (kai exedikhsen). God has exacted vengeance for the blood of his servants from (ek) her. Prophetic aorist again of ekdikew with accusative and ek with ablative as in Revelation 6:10 .