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Revelation 2:23

I will kill with death (apoktenw en qanatwi). Future (volitive) active of apokteinw with the tautological (cognate) en qanatwi (in the sense of pestilence) as in Ezekiel 33:27 . Her children (ta tekna auth). Either her actual children, like the fate of Ahab's sons ( 2 Kings 10:7 ) or "her spiritual progeny" (Swete) who have completely accepted her Nicolaitan practices. Shall know (gnwsontai). Future (ingressive punctiliar) middle of ginwskw, "shall come to know." "The doom of the offenders was to be known as widely as the scandal had been" (Charles). Searcheth (eraunwn). Present active articular participle of eraunaw, to follow up, to track out, late form for ereunaw, from Jeremiah 17:10 . Reins (neprou). Old word for kidneys, here only in N.T., quoted also with kardia from Jeremiah 17:10 . See Revelation 22:17 for the reward of punishment.

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