Revelation 2:5

Remember (mnhmoneue). Present active imperative of mnhmoneuw, "continue mindful" (from mnhmwn). Thou art fallen (peptwke). Perfect active indicative of piptw, state of completion. Down in the valley, look up to the cliff where pure love is and whence thou hast fallen down. And repent (kai metanohson). First aorist active imperative of metanoew, urgent appeal for instant change of attitude and conduct before it is too late. And do (kai poihson). First aorist active imperative of poiew, "Do at once." The first works (ta prwta erga). Including the first love ( Acts 19:20 ; Acts 20:37 ; Ephesians 1:3 ) which has now grown cold ( Matthew 24:12 ). Or else (ei de mh). Elliptical condition, the verb not expressed (metanoei), a common idiom, seen again in verse Matthew 16 , the condition expressed in full by ean mh in this verse and verse Matthew 22 . I come (ercomai). Futuristic present middle ( John 14:2 ). To thee (soi). Dative, as in Revelation 2:16 also. Will move (kinhsw). Future active of kinew. In Ignatius' Epistle to Ephesus it appears that the church heeded this warning. Except thou repent (ean mh metanohsh). Condition of third class with ean mh instead of ei mh above, with the first aorist active subjunctive of metanoew.