Revelation 2:6

That thou hatest (oti misei). Accusative object clause in apposition with touto (this). Trench tells of the words used in ancient Greek for hatred of evil (misoponhria) and misoponhro (hater of evil), neither of which occurs in the N.T., but which accurately describe the angel of the church in Ephesus. Of the Nicolaitans (twn Nikolaitwn). Mentioned again in verse Revelation 15 and really meant in verse Revelation 2 . Irenaeus and Hippolytus take this sect to be followers of Nicolaus of Antioch, one of the seven deacons ( Acts 6:5 ), a Jewish proselyte, who is said to have apostatized. There was such a sect in the second century (Tertullian), but whether descended from Nicolaus of Antioch is not certain, though possible (Lightfoot). It is even possible that the Balaamites of verse Acts 14 were a variety of this same sect (verse Acts 15 ). Which I also hate (a kagw misw). Christ himself hates the teachings and deeds of the Nicolaitans (a, not ou, deeds, not people), but the church in Pergamum tolerated them.