Revelation 21:9

One of the seven angels (ei ek twn epta aggelwn). As in Revelation 17:1 with the same introduction when the angel made the announcement about the harlot city (Babylon), so here the description of the heavenly city, the New Jerusalem, is given by one of the same group of angels who had the seven bowls. Thus the numph (Bride) is placed in sharp contrast with the pornh (Harlot). The New Jerusalem was briefly presented in verse Revelation 2 , but now is pictured at length ( Revelation 21:9-22:5 ) in a nearer and clearer vision. The bride the wife of the Lamb (thn numphn thn gunaika tou arniou). Twice already the metaphor of the Bride has been used ( Revelation 19:7 ; Revelation 21:2 ), here termed "wife" (gunaika), mentioned proleptically as in Revelation 19:7 if the marriage is not yet a reality. For the use of the same metaphor elsewhere in the N.T. see on Revelation 19:7 .