Revelation 21:10

He carried me away in the Spirit (aphnegken me en pneumati). See same language in Revelation 17:7 when John received a vision of the Harlot City in a wilderness. Here it is "to a mountain great and high" (epi oro mega kai upshlon). So it was with Ezekiel ( Ezekiel 40:2 ) and so the devil took Jesus ( Matthew 4:8 ). It was apparently not Mount Zion ( Revelation 14:1 ), for the New Jerusalem is seen from this mountain. "The Seer is carried thither 'in spirit' (cf. Revelation 1:10 ; Revelation 4:1 ); the Angel's deuro is a sursum cor to which his spirit under the influence of the 'Spirit of revelation' ( Ephesians 1:17 ) at once responds" (Swete). And he shewed me (kai edeixen moi). First aorist active indicative of deiknumi, just as he had said he would do in verse Ephesians 9 (deixw soi, I will shew thee). Precisely the same words about Jerusalem as in verse Ephesians 2 , save the absence of kainhn (New).