Revelation 22:2

In the midst of the street thereof (en meswi th plateia auth). Connected probably with the river in verse Revelation 1 , though many connect it with verse Revelation 2 . Only one street mentioned here as in Revelation 21:21 . On this side of the river and on that (tou potamou enteuqen kai ekeiqen). Enteuqen occurs as a preposition in Daniel 12:5 (Theodoret) and may be so here (post-positive), purely adverbial in John 19:18 . The tree of life (xulon zwh). For the metaphor see Genesis 1:11 and Revelation 2:7 ; Revelation 22:14 . Xulon is used for a green tree in Luke 23:31 ; Ezekiel 47:12 . Bearing (poioun). Neuter active participle of poiew (making, producing, as in Matthew 7:17 ). Some MSS. have poiwn (masculine), though xulon is neuter. Twelve manner of fruits (karpou dwdeka). "Twelve fruits." Yielding (apodidoun). Neuter active participle of apodidwmi, to give back, but some MSS. have apodidou (masculine) like poiwn. For the healing of the nations (ei qerapeian twn eqnwn). Spiritual healing, of course, as leaves (pulla) are often used for obtaining medicines. Here again the problem occurs whether this picture is heaven before the judgment or afterwards. Charles distinguishes sharply between the Heavenly City for the millennial reign and the New Jerusalem that descends from heaven after the judgment. Charles rearranges these chapters to suit his theory. But chronology is precarious here.