Revelation 3:20

I stand at the door (esthka epi thn quran). Perfect active of isthmi (intransitive). Picture of the Lord's advent as in Matthew 24:33 ; James 5:9 , but true also of the individual response to Christ's call ( Luke 12:36 ) as shown in Holman Hunt's great picture. Some see a use also of Song of Solomon 5:2 . If any man hear--and open (ean ti akoush kai anoixh). Condition of third class with ean and first aorist (ingressive) active subjunctive of akouw and anoigw. See John 10:3 ; John 18:37 . See the picture reversed (Swete) in Luke 13:25 ; Matthew 25:10 . I will come in to him (eiseleusomai). Future middle of eisercomai. See Mark 15:43 ; Acts 11:3 for eisercomai pro, to go into a man's house. Cf. John 14:23 . Will sup (deipnhsw). Future active of deipnew, old verb, from deipnon (supper), as in Luke 17:8 . Fellowship in the Messianic kingdom ( Luke 22:30 ; Mark 14:25 ; Matthew 26:29 ). Purely metaphorical, as is plain from 1 Corinthians 6:13 .