Revelation 9:1

Fallen (peptwkota). Perfect active participle of piptw, already down. In Luke 10:18 note pesonta (constative aorist active, like a flash of lightning) after eqewroun and in Revelation 7:2 note anabainonta (present active and linear, coming up, picturing the process) after eidon. Of the pit of the abyss (tou preato th abussou). Abusso is an old adjective (alpha privative and buqo, depth, without depth), but h abusso (supply cwra place), the bottomless place. It occurs in Romans 10:7 for the common receptacle of the dead for Hades (Sheol), but in Luke 8:31 a lower depth is sounded (Swete), for the abode of demons, and in this sense it occurs in Revelation 9:1 Revelation 9:2 Revelation 9:11 ; Revelation 11:7 ; Revelation 17:8 ; Revelation 20:1 Revelation 20:3 . Prear is an old word for well or cistern ( Luke 14:5 ; John 4:11 ) and it occurs in Revelation 9:1 for the mouth of the abyss which is pictured as a cistern with a narrow orifice at the entrance and this fifth angel holds the key to it.