Revelation 9:21

Of their murders (ek twn ponwn autwn). Heads the list, but "sorceries" (ek twn parmakwn) comes next. Parmakon was originally enchantment, as also in Revelation 21:8 , then drug. For parmakia see Re 18:34; 5:20 . The two other items are fornication (porneia) and thefts (klemmatwn, old word from kleptw, here alone in N.T.), all four characteristic of demonic worship and idolatry. See other lists of vices in Mark 7:21 ; Galatians 5:20 ; Revelation 21:8 ; Revelation 22:15 . Our word "pharmacy" as applied to drugs and medicine has certainly come a long way out of a bad environment, but there is still a bad odour about "patent medicines."