Revelation 10:1

Another strong angel (allon aggelon iscuron). But the seventh trumpet does not sound till Revelation 11:15 . This angel is not one of the seven or of the four, but like the other strong angel in Revelation 5:2 ; Revelation 18:21 or the other angel in Revelation 14:6 Revelation 14:15 . The sixth trumpet of Revelation 9:13 ends in Revelation 9:21 . The opening of the seventh seal was preceded by two visions (chapter Revelation 7:1 ff.) and so here the sounding of the seventh trumpet ( Revelation 11:15 ) is preceded by a new series of visions ( Revelation 10:1-11:14 ). Coming down out of heaven (katabainonta ek tou ouranou). Present active participle of katabainw picturing the process of the descent as in Revelation 20:1 (cf. Revelation 3:12 ). Arrayed with a cloud (peribeblhmenon nepelhn). Perfect passive participle of periballw with accusative case retained as in Revelation 7:9 Revelation 7:13 . Not proof that this angel is Christ, though Christ will come on the clouds ( Revelation 1:7 ) as he ascended on a cloud ( Acts 1:9 ). God's chariot is in the clouds ( Psalms 104:3 ), but this angel is a special messenger of God's. The rainbow (h iri). See Psalms 4:3 for this word. The construction here is changed from the accusative to the nominative. As the sun (w o hlio). The very metaphor applied to Christ in Psalms 1:16 . As pillars of fire (w stuloi puro). Somewhat like the metaphor of Christ in Psalms 1:15 , but still no proof that this angel is Christ. On stulo see Psalms 3:12 ; Galatians 2:9 .