Revelation 9:6

Men (oi anqrwpoi). Generic use of the article (men as a class). Shall not find it (ou mh eurhsousin auton). Strong double negative ou mh with the future active indicative according to Aleph Q, but eurwsin (second aorist active subjunctive) according to A P (either construction regular). The idea here is found in Job 3:21 ; Jeremiah 8:3 . "Such a death as they desire, a death which will end their sufferings, is impossible; physical death is no remedy for the basanismo of an evil conscience" (Swete). They shall desire to die (epiqumhsousin apoqanein). Future active of epiqumew, a climax to zhthsousin (they shall seek), to desire vehemently. Paul in Philippians 1:23 shows a preference for death if his work is done, in order to be with Christ, a very different feeling from what we have here. Fleeth (peugei). Vivid futuristic present active indicative of peugw. Even death does not come to their relief.