Romans 11:1

I say then (legw oun). As in verse Luke 11 . Oun looks back to Luke 9:16-33 and Luke 10:19-21 . Did God cast off? (mh apwsato o qeo?). An indignant negative answer is called for by mh and emphasized by mh genoito (God forbid). Paul refers to the promise in the O.T. made three times: 1 Samuel 12:22 ; Psalms 94:14 (Ps 93:14 LXX); Psalms 94:4 . First aorist middle indicative (without augment) of apwqew, to push away, to repel, middle, to push away from one as in Acts 7:27 . For I also (kai gar egw). Proof that not all the Jews have rejected Christ. See Philippians 3:5 for more of Paul's pedigree.