Romans 13:6

Ye pay (teleite). Present active indicative (not imperative) of telew, to fulfil. Tribute (porou). Old word from perw, to bring, especially the annual tax on lands, etc. ( Luke 20:22 ; Luke 23:1 ). Paying taxes recognizes authority over us. Ministers of God's service (leitourgoi qeou). Late word for public servant (unused leito from Attic lew, people, and ergw, to work). Often used of military servants, servants of the king, and temple servants ( Hebrews 8:2 ). Paul uses it also of himself as Christ's leitourgo ( Romans 15:16 ) and of Epaphroditus as a minister to him ( Philippians 2:25 ). See qeou diakono in verse Romans 13:4 . Attending continually (proskarterounte). Present active participle of the late verb proskarterew (pro and karterew from karto or krato, strength) to persevere. See on Acts 2:42 ; Acts 8:13 .