Romans 13:7

Dues (opeila). Debts, from opeilw, to owe. Often so in the papyri, though not in Greek authors. In N.T. only here, Matthew 18:32 ; 1 Corinthians 7:3 . Paying debts needs emphasis today, even for ministers. To whom tribute is due (twi ton poron). We must supply a participle with the article twi like apaitounti ("to the one asking tribute"). So with the other words (to whom custom, twi to telo apaitounti; to whom fear, twi ton pobon apaitounti; to whom honour, twi thn timhn apaitounti). Poro is the tribute paid to a subject nation ( Luke 20:22 ), while telo is tax for support of civil government ( Matthew 17:25 ).