Romans 3:21

But now apart from the law (nuni de cwri nomou). He now (nuni emphatic logical transition) proceeds carefully in verses Hebrews 21-31 the nature of the God-kind of righteousness which stands manifested (dikaiosunh qeou pepanerwtai, perfect passive indicative of panerow, to make manifest), the necessity of which he has shown in Hebrews 1:18-3:20 . This God kind of righteousness is "apart from law" of any kind and all of grace (cariti) as he will show in verse Hebrews 24 . But it is not a new discovery on the part of Paul, but "witnessed by the law and the prophets" (marturoumenh, present passive participle, upo tou nomou kai twn prophtwn), made plain continuously by God himself.