Romans 3:22

Even (de). Not adversative here. It defines here. Through faith in Jesus Christ (dia pistew [Ihsou] Cristou). Intermediate agency (dia) is faith and objective genitive, "in Jesus Christ," not subjective "of Jesus Christ," in spite of Haussleiter's contention for that idea. The objective nature of faith in Christ is shown in Galatians 2:16 by the addition ei Criston Ihsoun episteusamen (we believed in Christ), by th ei Criston pistew umwn (of your faith in Christ) in Colossians 2:5 , by en pistei th en Cristwi Ihsou (in faith that in Christ Jesus) in 1 Timothy 3:13 , as well as here by the added words "unto all them that believe" (ei panta tou pisteuonta) in Jesus, Paul means. Distinction (diastolh). See on "1Co 14:7" for the difference of sounds in musical instruments. Also in Romans 10:12 . The Jew was first in privilege as in penalty ( Romans 2:9 ), but justification or setting right with God is offered to both on the same terms.