Romans 7:13

Become death unto me? (emoi egeneto qanato?). Ethical dative emoi again. New turn to the problem. Admitting the goodness of God's law, did it issue in death for me? Paul repels (mh genoito) this suggestion. It was sin that (But sin, alla h amartia) "became death for me." That it might be shown (ina panh). Final clause, ina and second aorist passive subjunctive of painw, to show. The sinfulness of sin is revealed in its violations of God's law. By working death to me (moi katergazomenh qanaton). Present middle participle, as an incidental result. Might become exceedingly sinful (genhtai kaq uperbolhn amartwlo). Second aorist middle subjunctive of ginomai with ina in final clause. On kaq uperbolhn, see on "1Co 12:31". Our hyperbole is the Greek uperbolh. The excesses of sin reveal its real nature. Only then do some people get their eyes opened.