Titus 1:1

According to the faith of God's elect (kata pistin eklektwn qeou). Here kata expresses the aim of Paul's apostleship, not the standard by which he was chosen as in Philippians 3:14 ; a classic idiom, repeated here with epignwsin, eusebeian, epitaghn, "with a view to" in each case. For "God's elect" see Romans 8:33 ; Colossians 3:12 . The knowledge (epignwsin). "Full knowledge," one of Paul's favourite words. For the phrase see 1 Timothy 2:4 . Which is according to godliness (th kat eusebeian). "The (truth) with a view to godliness." The combination of faith and full knowledge of the truth is to bring godliness on the basis of the hope of life eternal.