Titus 2:3

Aged women (presbutida). Old word, feminine of presbuth, only here in N.T. See presbutera in 1 Timothy 5:2 . Reverent (ieroprepei). Old word (eiro, prepei). Only here in N.T. Same idea in 1 Timothy 2:10 . Like people engaged in sacred duties (Lock). In demeanour (en katasthmati). Late and rare word (inscriptions) from kaqisthmi, deportment, only here in N.T. Not slanderers (mh diabolou). See 1 Timothy 3:11 ; 2 Timothy 3:3 . Nor enslaved to much wine (mhde oinwi pollwi dedoulwmena). Perfect passive participle of doulow, with dative case oinwi. See 1 Timothy 3:8 . "It is proved by experience that the reclamation of a woman drunkard is almost impossible" (White). But God can do the "impossible." Teachers of that which is good (kalodidaskalou). Compound word found here alone, bona docentes (teaching good and beautiful things). A sorely needed mission.