Titus 2:4

That they may train (ina swpronizwsin). Purpose clause, ina and present active subjunctive of swpronizw, old verb (from swprwn, sound in mind, sao, prhn, as in this verse), to make sane, to restore to one's senses, to discipline, only here in N.T. To love their husbands (pilandrou einai). Predicate accusative with einai of old adjective pilandro (pilo, anhr, fond of one's husband), only here in N.T. Anhr means man, of course, as well as husband, but only husband here, not "fond of men" (other men than their own). To love their children (piloteknou). Another old compound, here only in N.T. This exhortation is still needed where some married women prefer poodle-dogs to children.