Psalm 37:18



Verse 18. The Lord knoweth the days of the upright. His foreknowledge made him laugh at the proud, but in the case of the upright he sees a brighter future, and treats them as heirs of salvation. Ever is this our comfort, that all events are known to our God, and that nothing in our future can take him at unawares. No arrow can pierce us by accident, no danger smite us by stealth; neither in time nor eternity can any unforeseen ill occur to us. Futurity shall be but a continual development of the good things which the Lord has laid up in store for us. And their inheritance shall be for ever. Their inheritance fades not away. It is entailed, so that none cam deprive them of it, and preserved, so that none shall destroy it. Eternity is the peculiar attribute of the believer's portion: what they have on earth is safe enough, but what they shall have in heaven is theirs without end.



Verse 18. The Lord knoweth the days of the upright. Deposits their days, lays them up in safety for them: for such is the original idea of ([dy). John Fry.

Verse 18. The Lord knoweth the days of the upright, and they cannot be cut short by the malice of man. W. Wilson.



Verse 18. The comforts derivable from a consideration of the divine knowledge. The eternity of the righteous man's possessions.

Verse 18.

William Jay.

Verse 18. (last clause). What it is. How they come by it. How long they hold it.

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