Psalm 78:16



Verse 16. The supply of water was as plenteous in quantity as it was miraculous in origin. Torrents, not driblets came from the rocks. Streams followed the camp; the supply was not for an hour or a day. This was a marvel of goodness. If we contemplate the abounding of divine grace we shall be lost in admiration. Mighty rivers of love have flowed for us in the wilderness. Alas, great God! our return has not been commensurate therewith, but far otherwise.



Verse 16. He brought streams also out of the rock, etc. "Where sin abounded, grace did much more abound." The second murmuring for water at Kadesh seems to have been a more aggravated act of rebellion than the former, and yet the water is given in greater abundance. Oh, the freeness of the sovereign grace of God! W. Wilson.



Verse 12-16. God revealed in his deeds. The wonder working God -- Psalms 78:12-16 . The avenging God -- Psalms 78:12 . The interposing God -- Psalms 78:13 . The guiding God -- Ps 78:14. The Father God -- Psalms 78:14-16 . C. D.

Verse 12-17. Obstinacy of unbelief. It makes head against God's majesty -- Psalms 78:17 ; his gracious providence -- Psalms 78:14-16 ; his interposing care -- Psalms 78:13 ; his avenging justice -- Psalms 78:12 ; his distinguishing grace -- Psalms 78:12-16 . C. D.

Verse 12-17. Prodigies cannot convert the soul. Luke 16:31 . C. D.

Verse 15-16. Divine supplies seasonable, plentiful, of the best, marvellous.

Verse 16. Streams from the Rock Christ Jesus.

  1. Their source.
  2. Their variety.
  3. Their abundance. B. Davies, of Greenwich.