1 Chronicles 27

The Book of 1 Chronicles
Chapter 27

Chapter Overview:

The captains for every month of the year, ver. 1 - 15.
The princes of the several tribes, ver. 16 - 24.
The officers of the court, ver. 25 - 34.
27:1Officers - The standing militia of Israel as it was settled under their several officers. Of courses - In all the business whereinthe king had occasion for these persons who were to attend him by turns.Came in, &c. - who being armed and mustered, and to wait upon the king, atJerusalem or other places, as the king should see fit. By this ordernear three hundred thousand of his people were instructed and exercised inthe use of their arms, and fitted for the defence of their king and kingdomwhen it should be needful, and in the mean time sufficient provision wasmade against any sudden tumults or irruptions of enemies. And this monthlycourse was contrived that the burden of it might be easy and equallydistributed among the people.
27:16The ruler - These were the princes of the tribes, the constant rulers of the tribes; who seem to have had a superior power tothese twenty four captains, and therefore are named before them, beingprobably the king's chief counsellors and assistants in the great affairsof his kingdom.
27:22Tribes - Of the most of the tribes, not of all: for Gad is omitted, probably because that tribe was joined with the Reubenitesunder one prince.
27:23Because - And therefore to number them all both above and under twenty years old, had been both an infinite trouble and a tempting of God,or a questioning the truth of his promises.
27:27Vineyards - Over the workmen and labourers in the vineyards; as the next officer is over the fruit of the vineyards. In like manner, oneman was over the labourers in the fields, ver. 26 , and another over thefruits of the fields put into stores.
27:31All these - It is observable, here are no officers for state, none for sport, no master of the ceremonies, or of the bounds, but allfor substance, agreeable to the simplicity and plainness of those times.David was a great soldier, a great scholar, and a great prince; andyet a great husband of his estate. Those magistrates who would havetheir subjects industrious, must themselves be examples of applicationto business.
27:32A scribe - Either one learned in the laws of God, which were also the laws of the land, or, the king's secretary. King's sons - As theirtutor or governour.
27:33Counsellor - The person whose counsel in matters of state the king most prized and followed. Companion - Or his friend, 15:37 , the person whom he trusted with his secrets, andwhose conversation was most pleasant and acceptable to him. Observe,A cunning man was his counsellor: but an honest man was his friend.
27:34After Ahithophel - After his death, these were his chief counsellors.