1 Chronicles 5

The Book of 1 Chronicles
Chapter 5

Chapter Overview:

The genealogies of Reuben, ver. 1 - 10.
Of Gad, ver. 11 - 17.
Joined together they conquer the Hagarites, ver. 18 - 22.
Of the half tribe of Manasseh, ver. 23, 24.
They are led captive by the king of Assyria, ver. 26, 26.
5:1Sons of Israel - This is added emphatically, because they were treated as if they had been the immediate sons of Jacob.Not reckoned - This is the second reason, which sheweth both whyReuben's genealogy was not first mentioned; and if another tribe wasto be ranked before it, why that was Judah, and not Joseph, becausethe order of their genealogy was not to be ruled by the birthright,but by an higher privilege, which was given to Judah.
5:2Judah - Not the person, but the tribe of Judah.Prevailed - Excelled the other tribes, especially in the followingprivilege.
5:9Euphrates - From Jordan and the wilderness beyond it unto Euphrates. Or, of the wilderness, which lies towards or reachethto the river Euphrates, namely, the great wilderness of Kedemoth, 2:26 , which was extended far and wide towardsEuphrates: for that was the eastern border of Reuben's possession,and not Euphrates, to which their habitation never reached.Multiplied - Which forced them to enlarge their habitation as far asthey could towards Euphrates.
5:10They made war - Thus God did for his people, as he promised them.He cast out the enemy from before them by little and little, and gavethem their land as they had occasion for it.
5:14These - These seven last named.
5:20Helped - By God, ver. 22 , who gave them extraordinary courage and success.
5:22Was of God - Undertaken in his fear, and carried on in a dependence on him. Then we may expect to prosper in any enterprize,and then only, when we take God along with us.