1 Chronicles 8

The Book of 1 Chronicles
Chapter 8

Chapter Overview:

Some of the heads of the tribe of Benjamin, ver. 1 - 32.
The family of Saul, ver. 33 - 40.


8:6These - These following, ver. 7 , because he here speaks of them who were removed. He describes the sons of Benjamin by theplaces of their habitation, without an exact account of their parents;because their genealogies were broken by that almost total extirpationof this tribe, Judges 20:29 - 48.
8:28Heads of the fathers, &c. - Particular notice is taken of these, that others, at their return from captivity, might be induced to settlethere too, which it seems few were willing to do, because it was the postof danger. Many great and mighty nations were then upon earth, and manyillustrious men in them, whose names are buried in perpetual oblivion,while the names of multitudes of the Israel of God, are here carefullypreserved in everlasting remembrance: a figure of God's writing the namesof his spiritual Israel, in the Lamb's book of life.
8:40Archers - Heb. that tread the bow; for the bows of steel, which these used, required great strength to bend them; whichtherefore they did by treading the bow with their feet, andpulling the string with both their hands.