2 Chronicles 11

The Book of 2 Chronicles
Chapter 11

Chapter Overview:

Rehoboam is forbidden to fight against Israel, ver. 1 - 4.
He secures the two tribes, ver. 5 - 12.
The priests and Levites resort to him, ver. 13 - 17.
His wives and children, ver. 18 - 23.


11:3Son of Solomon - Intimating, that this was determined for the sin of Solomon, and therefore could not be reversed.
11:5Built - Repaired, enlarged, and fortified them. They were built before.
11:14Cast them off - They would not suffer them to instruct the Israelites in the worship of God, nor to go up to Jerusalem to worship in their courses: and these priests would not join with them in the worship of the calves, as they were commanded to do; and therefore they, willingly forsook all their patrimonies and possessions for God's sake. No secular advantages whatsoever should detain us there, where we are in danger of making shipwreck of faith and a good conscience.
11:15High places - Or, for the high places, both for the devils (the Baals, or false gods, which divers of his people worshipped,whom he encouraged to do so, giving them liberty to do anything but to serve God at Jerusalem) and for the calves. So he erected two sorts of high places, some for Baal, and some for the true God, whom be pretended to worship, in and by the calves.
11:16Set their heart - Such as loved and feared God in truth.
11:17So they strengthened the kingdom of Judah - Not only by the addition of so many persons to it: but by their piety and prayers they procured a blessing upon the kingdom which was a sanctuary to them.They made him strong three years; for so long he served God; but when he forsook God, none could strengthen him. We retain our strength as long as we cleave to God and our duty, and no longer. And Solomon - This honourable mention of Solomon, as a pattern of piety, is a considerable evidence of his true repentance before his death.
11:22Ruler - He declared him his successor, and gave him the dominion over, his brethren.
11:23Dispersed - Lest his other sons should after his death unite together against Abijah, he wisely dispersed them into distant places.