2 Chronicles 22

The Book of 2 Chronicles
Chapter 22

Chapter Overview:

Ahaziah's wicked reign, ver. 1 - 4.
Being confederate with Joram, he is slain by Jehu, ver. 5 - 9.
Athaliah destroys the seed royal, and usurps the kingdom, ver. 10 - 12.


22:2Forty two years - Some acknowledge an error in the transcribers of the present Hebrew copies, in which language the numeral letters for 22 and 42 are so like, that they might easily be mistaken. For that it wasread 22 here, as it is in the book of Kings, in other Hebrew copies, they gather from hence, that it is at this day so read in divers ancient Greek copies, as also in those two ancient translations, the Syriack and the Arabick, and particularly in that most ancient copy of the Syriack which was used by the church of Antioch in the primitive times, and to this day is kept in the church of Antioch.The daughter - Of Ahab, Omri's Son. Grand - children are often called sons and daughters.
22:4His father - Who, while he lived, seduced his son himself, and made other evil counsellors unnecessary.
22:9Ahaziah - Who, tho' wounded, had made an escape, 9:27 .