2 Corinthians 7

The Book of 2 Corinthians
Chapter 7
7:1Let us cleanse ourselves - This is the latter part of the exhortation, which was proposed, 6:1 , and resumed, 2Cor 6:14.From all pollution of the flesh - All outward sin.And of the spirit - All inward. Yet let us not rest in negative religion, but perfect holiness - Carrying it to the height in all its branches, and enduring to the end in the loving fear of God, the sure foundation of all holiness.
7:2Receive us - The sum of what is said in this, as well as in the tenth and following chapters. We have hurt no man - In his person.We have corrupted no man - In his principles. We have defrauded no man - Of his property. In this he intimates likewise the good he had done them, but with the utmost modesty, as it were not looking upon it.
7:3I speak not to condemn you - Not as if I accused you of laying this to my charge. I am so far from thinking so unkindly of you, that ye are in our hearts, to live and die with you - That is, I could rejoice to spend all my days with you.
7:4I am filled with comfort - Of this he treats, 2 Corinthians 7:6 , &c.; of his joy, 2Co 7:7, &c.; of both, 2Co 7:13.
7:5Our flesh - That is, we ourselves. Had no rest from without - From the heathens. Were fightings - Furious and cruel oppositions. From within - From our brethren. Were fears - Lest they should be seduced.
7:7Your earnest desire - To rectify what had been amiss.Your grief - For what had offended God, and troubled me.
7:8I did repent - That is, I felt a tender sorrow for having grieved you, till I saw the happy effect of it.
7:10The sorrow of the world - Sorrow that arises from worldly considerations. Worketh death - Naturally tends to work or occasion death, temporal, spiritual, and eternal.
7:11How great diligence it wrought in you - Shown in all the following particulars. Yea, clearing of yourselves - Some had been more, some less, faulty; whence arose these various affections. Hence their apologizing and indignation, with respect to themselves; their fear and desire, with respect to the apostle; their zeal and revenge, with respect to the offender, yea, and themselves also.Clearing of yourselves - From either sharing in, or approving of, his sin.Indignation - That ye had not immediately corrected the offender.Fear - Of God's displeasure, or lest I should come with a rod.Vehement desire - To see me again. Zeal - For the glory of God, and the soul of that sinner. Yea, revenge - Ye took a kind of holy revenge upon yourselves, being scarce able to forgive yourselves. In all things ye - As a church. Have approved yourselves to be pure - That is, free from blame, since ye received my letter.
7:12It was not only, or chiefly, for the sake of the incestuous person, or of his father; but to show my care over you.