2 Samuel 10

The Book of 2 Samuel
Chapter 10

Chapter Overview:

David's ambassadors are abused by Hanun, ver. 1 - 4.
The Ammonites prepare for war and are routed, ver. 5 - 14.
Their allies, the Syrians rally and are defeated again, ver. 15 - 19.


10:2David sent - There had hitherto been friendship between David and him: and therefore the spoils of the children of Ammon are mentioned, chap. 8:12 , by way of anticipation, and with respect to the story here following.
10:4Shaved - To fasten this is a reproach upon them, and to make them ridiculous and contemptible. Cut off, &c. - This was worse than the former, because the Israelites wore no breeches, and so their nakedness was hereby uncovered.
10:19And served them - And thus at length was fulfilled the promise made to Abraham, and repeated to Joshua, that the borders of Israel should extend as far as the river Euphrates. The son of David sent his ambassadors, his apostles and ministers, to the Jewish church and nation. But they intreated them shamefully, as Hanun did David's, mocked them, abused them, slew them. And this it was that filled the measure of their iniquity, and brought upon them ruin without remedy.