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NOTES ON The Second Book of KINGS

NOTES ON The Second Book of KINGS

The former book of Kings had an illustrious beginning in the gloryChapter Overview:

of the kingdom of Israel. This has a melancholy conclusion, in the desolations of the kingdom of Israel first, and then of Judah.Here is Elijah fetching fire from heaven, and ascending in fire to heaven, chap. 1, 2. Elisha working many miracles, chap. 3 - 7. Hazael
anointed, for the correction of Israel, Jehu, for the destruction of the house of Ahab and of Baal, chap. 8 - 10. The reigns of several
kings, both of Judah and Israel, chap. 11 - 16. The captivity of
the ten tribes, chap. 17. The glorious reign of Hezekiah,
chap. 18 - 20. The wicked reign of Manasseh, and the good one of
Josiah, chap. 21 - 23. The destruction of Jerusalem by the king of
Babylon, chap. 24, 25.