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Jeremiah 32

The Book of Jeremiah
Chapter 32

Chapter Overview:

Jeremiah in the siege of Jerusalem being imprisoned by Zedekiah, buys a field, takes witnesses, draws a writing, seals and delivers it to Baruch to preserve, as tokens of the peoples return, ver. 1 - 15.
He prays with admiration of God's majesty and works; and represents his own conflict, ver. 16 - 25.
God confirms the captivity for their sins, ver. 26 - 35.
but promises a gracious return, ver. 36 - 44.


32:5Until I visit him - Perhaps in mercy; it is certain Zedekiah was not put to death, only carried to Babylon, where some think he afterward found favour with the king of Babylon.
32:9The money - The price of land was strangely fallen at this time, when the enemy was besieging the chief city of the country.
32:11I took - It is probable, that upon such sales among the Jews, two instruments were made, the one sealed up, to be kept by the purchaser, the other open, to be shewed to the judges, and by them ratified.
32:12Baruch - This Baruch (chap. 46:4 ,26,) was a scribe, and an attendant upon Jeremiah. Witnesses - He made this purchase with all the usual formalities; he signed and sealed it before witnesses, and delivered it to Baruch to keep, in the presence of all the Jews.
32:20Who hast set signs - Who didst wonders of justice in the land of Egypt, such as are remembered even to this day.
32:24The mounts - Rather engines of war with which those nations used to batter walls, or to shoot great stones into places besieged.
32:34Have set - Their idols.
32:39One heart - I will give them union and concord, one mind and judgment. One way - They shall all worship me according, to the rule I have given them.
32:40I will make - This promise manifestly relates to those Jews that should receive the Lord Jesus Christ, unless it be to be understood of a national conversion of the Jews, not yet effected.