Jeremiah 44

The Book of Jeremiah
Chapter 44

Chapter Overview:

Jeremiah represents to the people in Egypt, the former sins and punishment of Judah, ver. 1 - 10.
He prophesies of their destruction in Egypt, ver. 11 - 14.
Their obstinacy, ver. 15 - 19.
Threatened, ver. 20 - 28.
For a sign, the destruction of Egypt is foretold, ver. 29, 30.
44:1At Migdol - It seems the Jews that went into Egypt had planted themselves at these four places. Migdol was a city upon the borders of the Red Sea. Noph was a city, which the Greeks and Latines called Memphis; it is thought to be that, which is now called Cairo. Pathros was the province, since called Thebais.
44:14For none - Only such shall escape, as have been forced into Egypt against their wills; and as did not fall in with the idolatry of the Egyptians.
44:15All the men - It should seem those that did it were mostly women, and that they did it with some privacy, so that all their husbands did not know of it.
44:26The Lord liveth - There shall not any be left alive of the Jews that are in Egypt, to swear The Lord God liveth.
44:29This shall be a sign - Signs are usually antecedent to the thing signified, but the word is taken in a larger notion in this place for that which should attend the thing signified by it.