Jonah 1

The Book of Jonah
Chapter 1

Chapter Overview:

Jonah disobeys the command of God, ver. 1 - 3.
Is arrested by a storm, ver. 4 - 6.
Discovered to be the cause of the storm, ver. 7 - 10.
Cast into the sea and swallowed by a fish, ver. 11 - 17.


1:2That great city - It is said to have been one hundred and fifty furlongs in length, that is eighteen miles and three quarters, and eleven miles and one quarter in breadth.
1:3From the presence - From the place where God usually had shewed himself present, by revealing his word and will to his prophets.Perhaps he might think God would not put him upon this work, when he was got into a strange country.
1:5Into the sides - ln some cabin or other, whither he went before the storm arose.
1:6Will think upon us - With pity and favour.
1:7Cast lots - "Lots are an appeal to heaven in doubtful cases, and therefore not to be used but where the matter is undeterminable in any other way."
1:8Tell us - What hast thou done, for which God is so angry with thee, and with us for thy sake?
1:9I fear - I worship and serve the true God; the eternal and almighty God, who made and ruleth the heavens.
1:13Rowed hard - They were willing to be at any labour to save him.
1:14Unto the Lord - Now they all cry to Jonah's God, to Jehovah. And said - Let us not perish for taking away his life.Hast done - Sending the tempest, arresting the prophet by it, detecting him by lot, sentencing him by his own mouth, and confirming the condemning sentence by the continuance of the storm.
1:16Feared the Lord - Perhaps as Jonah's casting over - board was a type of Christ's death, so the effect it had upon the mariners might be a type of the conversion of the Heathen from idols unto God.Made vows - Probably they vowed, they would ever worship him whom Jonah preached, the Creator of heaven and earth.
1:17A great fish - The Hebrew word is, numbered, has appointed him for Jonah's receiver and deliverer. God has the command of all his creatures, and can make any of them serve his designs of mercy to his people.