1 Chronicles 9:34

Overview - 1 Chronicles 9
The original of Israel and Judah's genealogies.
The Israelites;
10 the priests;
14 and the Levites, with Nethinims, which dwelt in Jerusalem.
27 The charge of certain Levites.
35 The stock of Saul and Jonathan.
Treasury of Scripture Knowledge

1 Chronicles 9:34  (King James Version)
These chief fathers of the Levites were chief throughout their generations; these dwelt at Jerusalem.

chief fathers
13 ; Nehemiah 11:1-15

We have already seen the situation and extent of this ancient city, (Note on 8:28 ;) but the Jerusalem of sacred history is no more. After having been successively destroyed by the Babylonians and Romans, and taken by the Saracens, Crusaders, and Turks, in the possession of the latter of whom it still continues, not a vestige remains of the capital of David and Solomon, not a monument of Jewish times is standing. The very course of the walls is changed, and the boundaries of the ancient city are become doubtful. The monks pretend to shew the sites of the sacred places; but they have not the slightest pretensions to even a probable identity with the real places. The Jerusalem that now is, however, called by the Arabs {El Kouds,} or "the holy city," is still a respectable, good-looking town, of an irregular shape: it is surrounded by high embattled walls, enclosing an area not exceeding two miles and a half, and occupying two small hills, having the valley of Jehoshaphat on the east, the valley of Siloam and Gehinnom on the south, and the valley of Rephaim on the west; and containing a population variously estimated at from 1 Chronicles 8:20 1 Chronicles 8:000 ; to 1 Chronicles 8:30 1 Chronicles 8:000 ; souls.