1 Samuel 13:3

Overview - 1 Samuel 13
Saul's select band.
He calls the Hebrews to Gilgal against the Philistines, whose garrison Jonathan had smitten.
The Philistines' great host.
The distress of the Israelites.
Saul, weary of staying for Samuel, sacrifices.
11 Samuel reproves him.
17 The three spoiling bands of the Philistines.
19 The policy of the Philistines, to suffer no smith in Israel.
Treasury of Scripture Knowledge

1 Samuel 13:3  (King James Version)
And Jonathan smote the garrison of the Philistines that was in Geba, and the Philistines heard of it. And Saul blew the trumpet throughout all the land, saying, Let the Hebrews hear.

the garrison
10:5 14:1-6 2 Samuel 23:14

or, the hill.
Joshua 18:24

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