2 Chronicles 17:14

Overview - 2 Chronicles 17
Jehoshaphat, succeeding Asa, reigns well, and prospers.
He sends Levites with the princes to teach Judah.
10 His enemies being terrified by God, some of them bring him presents and tribute.
12 His greatness, captains, and armies.
Treasury of Scripture Knowledge

2 Chronicles 17:14  (King James Version)
And these are the numbers of them according to the house of their fathers: Of Judah, the captains of thousands; Adnah the chief, and with him mighty men of valour three hundred thousand.

the numbers
Genesis 12:2 ; 13:16 15:5

to the house
Numbers 1:2 Numbers 1:18

three hundred
11:1 13:3 14:8 26:13