2 Chronicles 21:15

Overview - 2 Chronicles 21
Jehoram, succeeding Jehoshaphat, slays his brethren.
His wicked reign.
Edom and Libnah revolt.
12 The prophecy of Elijah against him in writing.
16 Philistines and Arabians oppress him.
18 His incurable disease, infamous death, and burial.
Treasury of Scripture Knowledge

2 Chronicles 21:15  (King James Version)
And thou shalt have great sickness by disease of thy bowels, until thy bowels fall out by reason of the sickness day by day.

by disease
This is supposed to have been a violent dysentery, a disease which is often attended with symptoms similar to those described in the text; by the same death perished Antiochus Ephiphenes, and Herod Agrippa.
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thy bowels fall
Psalms 109:18 ; Acts 1:18

the sickness
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