2 Chronicles 23:15

Overview - 2 Chronicles 23
Jehoiada, having set things in order, makes Joash king.
12 Athaliah is slain.
16 Jehoiada restores the worship of God.
Treasury of Scripture Knowledge

2 Chronicles 23:15  (King James Version)
So they laid hands on her; and when she was come to the entering of the horse gate by the king's house, they slew her there.

the horse gate
This gate was in the eastern wall of the city, towards the brook Kidron, ( Jeremiah 31:40, ,)at which the king's horses probably went out from the stables at Millo. It was near the temple; and some Rabbins suppose that, in order to go to the temple, a person might go on horseback to this place, but was then obliged to alight.
Nehemiah 3:28

they slew her there
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