2 Chronicles 28:5

Overview - 2 Chronicles 28
Ahaz reigning very wickedly, is greatly afflicted by the Syrians.
Judah being captivated by the Israelites, is sent home by the counsel of Oded the prophet.
16 Ahaz sending for aid to Assyria, is not helped thereby.
22 In his distress he grows more idolatrous.
26 He dying, Hezekiah succeeds him.
Treasury of Scripture Knowledge

2 Chronicles 28:5  (King James Version)
Wherefore the LORD his God delivered him into the hand of the king of Syria; and they smote him, and carried away a great multitude of them captives, and brought them to Damascus. And he was also delivered into the hand of the king of Israel, who smote him with a great slaughter.

his God
36:5 Exodus 20:2 Exodus 20:3

delivered him
24:24 33:11 36:17 Judges 2:14 ; 2 Kings 16:5 2 Kings 16:6 ; Isaiah 7:1 Isaiah 7:6

Hebrew Darmesek.