2 Chronicles 33:19

Overview - 2 Chronicles 33
Manasseh's wicked reign.
He sets up idolatry, and will not be admonished.
11 He is carried into Babylon.
12 Upon his prayer to God he is released and puts down idolatry.
18 His acts.
20 He dying, Amon succeeds him;
21 who is slain by his servants.
25 The murderers being slain, Josiah succeeds him.
Treasury of Scripture Knowledge

2 Chronicles 33:19  (King James Version)
His prayer also, and how God was intreated of him, and all his sin, and his trespass, and the places wherein he built high places, and set up groves and graven images, before he was humbled: behold, they are written among the sayings of the seers.

his prayer also
2 Chronicles 33:11 2 Chronicles 33:12 2 Chronicles 33:19 ; Proverbs 15:8 ; Acts 9:11 ; 1 John 1:9

all his sins
1-10 ; Romans 5:16

before he
12 ; 30:11 36:12 Psalms 119:67 Psalms 119:71 Psalms 119:75 ; Jeremiah 44:10 ; Daniel 5:22

the seers
or, Hosai.
So the Targum and Vulgate: the Syraic has Hanun the prophet; and the Arabic, Saphan the prophet. This record is totally lost; for the captivity and repentance of Manasseh are related no where else; and the prayer of Manasseh in the Apocrypha was probably composed long afterwards: it is not acknowledged as canonical even by the Romish church, though it was anciently used as a form of confession, and as such still received by the Greek church.