Acts 27:40

Overview - Acts 27
Paul shipping towards Rome,
10 foretells of the danger of the voyage,
11 but is not believed.
14 They are tossed to and fro with tempest;
41 and suffer shipwreck;
44 yet all come safe to land.
Treasury of Scripture Knowledge

Acts 27:40  (King James Version)
And when they had taken up the anchors, they committed themselves unto the sea, and loosed the rudder bands, and hoised up the mainsail to the wind, and made toward shore.

taken up, etc or, cut the anchors, they left them in the
sea, etc.
Acts 27:29 Acts 27:30

the rudder bands
Or, "the bands of the rudders;" for large vessels in ancient times had two or more rudders, which were fastened to the ship by means of bands, or chains, by which they were hoisted out of the water when incapable of being used. These bands being loosed, the rudders would fall into their proper places, and serve to steer the vessel into the creek, which they had in view, and hoisted. Isaiah 33:23