Deuteronomy 29:19

Overview - Deuteronomy 29
Moses exhorts them to obedience, by the memory of the works they had seen.
10 All are presented before the Lord to enter into his covenant.
18 The great wrath on him that flatters himself in his wickedness.
29 Secret things belong unto God.
Treasury of Scripture Knowledge

Deuteronomy 29:19  (King James Version)
And it come to pass, when he heareth the words of this curse, that he bless himself in his heart, saying, I shall have peace, though I walk in the imagination of mine heart, to add drunkenness to thirst:

this curse
12 ; Genesis 2:17

that he bless
17:2 Numbers 15:30 Numbers 15:39 ; Psalms 10:4-6 Psalms 10:11 ; 49:18 Psalms 94:6 Psalms 94:7 Proverbs 29:1
Jeremiah 5:12 Jeremiah 5:13 ; 7:3-11 28:15-17 Jeremiah 44:16 Jeremiah 44:17 Jeremiah 44:27 Ezekiel 13:16 Ezekiel 13:22 ; Ephesians 5:6

though I walk
Numbers 15:30 ; Ecclesiastes 11:9 ; Romans 1:21 ; 2 Corinthians 10:5 ; Ephesians 4:17

or, stubborness.
Jeremiah 3:17 ; 7:24 *margins

to add
A very forcible metaphor, denoting the natural progress and increasing avidity of sinful passions and depraved inclinations; which lead men to drink down iniquity as the drunkard does his liquor, without regard to the consequences. Some render, "to add thirst to drunkenness;" and then it implies the insatiableness of men's sinful passions, which hanker for more and more indulgence after the greatest excesses.

drunkenness to thirst
Hebrew the drunken to the thirsty.