Esther 5:10

Overview - Esther 5
Esther, adventuring on the king's favour, obtains the grace of the golden sceptre, and invites the king and Haman to a banquet.
She, being encouraged by the king in her suit, invites them to another banquet the next day.
Haman, proud of his advancement, repines at the contempt of Mordecai.
14 By the counsel of Zeresh he prepares for him a gallows.
Treasury of Scripture Knowledge

Esther 5:10  (King James Version)
Nevertheless Haman refrained himself: and when he came home, he sent and called for his friends, and Zeresh his wife.

Genesis 43:30 Genesis 43:31 ; 45:1 2 Samuel 13:22 2 Samuel 13:23 ; Ecclesiastes 7:9

called for his friends
Hebrew caused his friends to come.