Ezekiel 24:11

Overview - Ezekiel 24
Under the parable of a boiling pot,
is shewn the irrevocable destruction of Jerusalem.
15 By the sign of Ezekiel not mourning for the death of his wife,
19 is shewn the calamity of the Jews to be beyond all sorrow.
Treasury of Scripture Knowledge

Ezekiel 24:11  (King James Version)
Then set it empty upon the coals thereof, that the brass of it may be hot, and may burn, and that the filthiness of it may be molten in it, that the scum of it may be consumed.

set it
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that the filthiness
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The pot was Jerusalem; the flesh, the inhabitants in general: every good piece, the thigh and the shoulder, Zedekiah, his family, and princes; the bones, the soldiers; the fire and water, the calamities they were to suffer; and the setting on of the pot, the commencement of the siege.